Declaring war on poaching

The Tac Trac Combat Tracking initiative, has been formed as a response to the onslaught of criminal acts against the wildlife of the african continent on a daily basis.

We are a Non Government Organisation, privately funded and have at an organisational level dedicated ourselves to fight back in the most effective way.  There is an obvious need for training, re-training, supplying of up-to-date weapons and equipment, and the formation of new anti-poaching units throughout the African continent.

If we don't address this problem now we will lose animals such as the rhino, pangolin and elephant within just several years. They will become photos in text books, youtube video clips and memories of those lucky enough to have seen them, just as the Western Black Rhino has sadly already become. The loss of these animals will have a devastating effect on the wildlife job market and career paths as well as severely impacting the tourism industry of Africa and ultimately the Gross Domestic Product.

The time has come to stand our ground and say once and for all that this has to stop! But the world needs not just sentiment and words, it needs people of action and we, as an organisation are already supplying that action.

At Tac Trac we have a highly specialised course that has been developed with hostile environments in mind. Man tracking teams are used extensively in anti-poaching, specialised military units, law enforcement and border patrol.  The work of a Ranger/anti-poaching officer is always physically and mentally demanding, dangerous at both an individual and unit level.  Tac Trac's mission is to provide a superlative training platform for theory and practical courses as well as to form and equip anti-poaching units with the right skills and equipment to improve their effectiveness in the field and ensure their own safety.

When Rangers are forced to work without body armour, night vision, proper fatigues and weapons their lives are being placed in extreme danger.  200 Rangers lost their lives in the poaching war last year, which is more than the British military have lost in 4 years in Afghanistan.

In part of this war there has to be a system for the gathering of intelligence, surveillance and tracking data. Crime scenes and on-the-spot data can be forensically studied, up-loaded and cross-referenced actively, building up data and evidence on criminal activity. The Tac Trac initiative is working on this system right now.

Specialist Skill Sets

Fighting for Their Survival

We need your help

Areas of procurement and philanthropic help are needed in the the following areas, but not limited to:

  • Night vision equipment
  • Body armour & plate carriers
  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Fatigues and boots
  • Optics
  • Vehicles & Fuel
  • Sponsored training of APU officers
  • Marketing & printing
  • Public Relations
  • Photography/videography

Please contact us if you are able to provide us support in any of the areas stated, or if you feel you are able to support in any other means.
Items are also sought for auctions and competitions to raise funds.

A Brotherhood Forged for Wildlife Protection

Contact us

If you would like to support this initiative in any way please contact:

  • PO Box 12
  • Rangers Reserve
  • Touwsrivier
  • 6880